How to Make Your Marketing Stand Out: 3 Tips when using Images

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Image is everything in marketing. Whether you market on social media, in magazines or even on TV, the first thing people will see will be an image. A great image can stop people from scrolling or flicking past your post or article and instead peak their interest. Bland, generic imagery won't.

So how can you make sure your imagery is striking the right chord with your audience? I've set out the below three tips to help guide you on the path to more views, likes and shares. I hope you find them insightful.

  1. Speak to your audience. Make sure your image conveys a message, whether that be about your service or product, or even your values. It's a cliché, but a picture really can speak volumes; perhaps even more than your copy these days as many have a tendency to move on quickly. If you have the opportunity to grab someone's attention, use it wisely and make sure it says something about you.

  2. Be unique. Don't simply log on to a stock photo website and pick an image of people smiling and shaking hands. No, not that one of the anonymous city skyline either (if someone recognises it as Singapore and you're only a UK firm, it won't reflect well!) Your audience is intelligent, and will know a stock photo when they see it. It's a much better idea to commission a photographer to take some photos specifically for you. These could show you at work, or with clients. They could show a product being manufactured and the care that goes into the process. Photography can tell a story, you just need to write the script.

  3. Be bold. Whether through the use of colour, angle or lighting... try to use an image that will stand out. Corporate imagery can get a little samey (especially if you use stock photography), so try something new. Innovation is difficult in any field, but it's worth putting the extra legwork in for something that your audience may not have seen before. Something that makes them pause, and think "I'll read what they have to say." Don't be afraid to be a little different from time to time.

I hope the above inspires you to think a little differently about the imagery you use. Many underestimate it's power.

Make sure you're different.


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