The Why of Commercial Photography: 3 Great Uses

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You're great at what you do. You know it, but sometimes it can be difficult to communicate that to the world. Your website works well, and your press releases flow nicely. Somehow though, you're just missing something.

That certain je ne se quois? You'll know it when you see it. A corporate portrait that projects warmth and character; someone you can imagine working with (or even having a drink with!) Or a product photo that catches your eye. It could be a flash of colour or just a little sparkle - but it's something different.

In an increasingly visual world it's best not to underestimate the importance of great photography. Everyone has sometimes thought when they see their competitors, "I want my business to look that good!"

Convey a warm character, not just a suit

Convey a warm character, not just a suit

Make products come to life

Make products come to life

Commercial photography is a wide ranging term and can cover everything from headshots and portraits to architectural and product photography. Each aspect of commercial photography has its own challenges, but when used properly, commercial photography can be a hugely powerful tool in communicating your message to your target market.

Key uses include:

  1. Telling a story. Bring your business to life through pictures. Don't just tell people what you’re about; instead show the world your people, your products, your processes, your environment. Document what you're like to do business with. If people understand you more, they're more likely to feel a level of affinity with you. Photography can tell a story, you just need to write the script.

  2. Motivate your people. Have you ever thought you're not very photogenic? Yes? Welcome to the club, our membership is growing daily! But I bet you've also had photos taken where you like the way you look. How did that make you feel? Pretty good I'm sure. If your people have great headshots and portraits of them being used on social media or in press releases they'll feel great about themselves. That sense of pride can filter through to their work. Not to mention the favour it'll garner from your prospects when they see how nice your people seem to work with!

  3. Draw more attention. If you're creating great content then make sure great images go with it. Draw the eye and encourage your audience to read on. The more they see you, your brand, your people and products the more likely they are to consider you when they're next ready to purchase.

The benefits of commercial photography are many. Increased visibility, click-through rates and enquiries. A better understanding of your business and what makes you tick. When employed strategically with your copy and brand it can make your messaging feel much more cohesive.

Pictures really do speak volumes.

What do your pictures say about you?


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