How to Prepare for a Headshot Photoshoot: 3 Simple Tips

Headshot Photography

Most people when confronted with a camera feel vulnerable and nervous, unsure of what to do. You instantly feel self-conscious and probably a little uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, don't worry - you're not alone!

Photographers are there to get the best out of you, and to support you through the photoshoot so that you feel comfortable and look great on camera. Nobody wants photos of people looking nervous or unsure of themselves, so a good photographer will make you feel at ease and coach you through the process.

Of course, as with anything - fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So make sure you're ready on the day and the whole process will be easier.

Below are a few tips to follow to make sure you're prepared for your photoshoot, and to make sure you get the most out of it:

1. Wear appropriate clothing.

It seems obvious, but it's often where people fall down. If you're taking photos of any variety, be it for PR or headshots, make sure you're wearing clothes which present you in the best light.


  • Do, for the gents, wear a suit and tie - this includes the jacket. Often we don't wear jackets or ties in the office, so it's important to remember them for your photoshoot.

  • Do, for the ladies wear a nice top or dress. Perhaps bring along a matching cardigan to give you some options for different looks in the photos.

  • Do remember to have your hair as you like it, all neat and tidy. Nobody wants to look back at the photos and wish they had brushed their hair beforehand!


  • Don't arrange for a photoshoot in the office on a dress down day. Stripy pink tops with an adorable cat on them may be great at home, but not in your professional photo.

  • Don't wear anything too busy. By that I mean clothing with particularly ornate patterns or big earrings/necklaces that may distract from your lovely face.

  • Don't wear anything with logos - you don't want to give away free advertising do you?

2. Book a photographer who you could have a drink with.

Taking photos, whether it be departmental headshots, individual sessions or for PR will almost certainly involve a little one to one time. It's important to be able to build rapport easily as if you feel comfortable with the person taking the photos, you'll instantly feel more relaxed in front of camera.

Part of the photographers job is to make you feel at ease, coach you through the shots and ultimately deliver photos which you're happy with. This will be much easier if you feel you can get on from the outset. So make sure to have a chat with the photographer beforehand and get a feel for them.

3. Be open minded and be ready to have a little fun.

This is what it's all about isn't it? Well, having fun and getting some great photos! During the photoshoot your photographer may well make some jokes, light-hearted references or even ask you to pull a face.

This is all to help settle you down, feel comfortable, and, hopefully - get a laugh out of you. After all, the best smiles always come after a big laugh - and that's the key to a great photo: genuine smiles.

So if you're getting some photos taken: relax, you're in safe hands.


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