3 Key Rules to Great Customer Service

Headshot Photography

No matter what you do, whether you're a legal adviser, consultant, or, like myself, a photographer, it is easy to focus on the technical aspects of what you do and get lost in the detail. After all, that's what brings you new clients and keeps the current ones happy, isn't it?

Well, partly.

Of course it's important to remember that your expertise and experience is valuable - how to apply your knowledge from past situations to get results today is key. However, it's seen as a prerequisite. With such strong competition in the marketplace, it may get someone's attention, but it won't necessarily keep it.

What will keep it is the experience that the client has with you. Someone's experience with you is really what sets you apart from your competition. A happy customer will become a client. In many cases they will almost become part of your marketing team, spreading the word about your good work and helping to increase your referral business.

The client experience becomes your USP.

So how do you make a customer happy?

Well, first you need to start with the basics, which unfortunately, many don't quite get right. If you can cover off the three simple points below - you'll be well on your way to standing out from your competition.

  1. Be open and transparent. This covers your fees, how you deliver your service and what someone can expect as a result. If both parties know what to expect from the outset, it will make the entire relationship easier to manage on both sides. No surprises - including any disappointments!

  2. Communicate. Keep those lines of communication open. Keep your clients up to date with your work and give them that peace of mind that they chose the right person or company to work with. Don't let them wonder what's going on, tell them. Also, make sure your communication is appropriate for the audience. There's a time and a place for jargon.

  3. Do what you say you will. Deliver what you promised your client, when you said you will. It's a simple tip but also very powerful. Turnaround time is very important, especially in photography where people want to share images instantly on social media. If you miss this goal, especially when working with someone for the first time, it'll be the last.

If you can confidently say you cover off all three areas above then you're doing a great job. You're building trust among your client base, who will place more value on your support than the cost of your services. This is how strong relationships develop, and keep on developing over time.

So remember, your personal experience can help you deliver great results - but it's your client's experience with you that will make them come back time and time again. Look after them.

How I deliver my service

I pride myself on the experience I deliver to my clients. Throughout a shoot I work hard to make sure my clients are happy, comfortable and enjoying themselves. Not everyone enjoys being in front of a camera so I work to try and help them overcome this. I want people to leave with a smile on their faces.

Secondly, in my studio we review photos together throughout the shoot so my client knows they'll be receiving a great product at the end of the process. They're not left wondering - they know what they're getting when they leave.

Finally, I deliver the photos when I say I will - I don't keep my clients waiting. I want people to be excited about receiving my product, and using the images on social media or in their collateral.


To find out more about my photography and how I can help you, please contact me on either info@thomaslowephotography.com, call 07305 808 716 or visit my website www.thomaslowephotography.com.