3 Simple Tips for Better Selfies

Photography Tips

No matter who you are or what you do, you've probably taken a selfie at some point, right? We're all guilty of it. Some may be quite good at them and get plenty of likes on Instagram or Facebook, others... maybe not so much.

Well, if you're struggling to get a great selfie, I've written some tips below, so you can be better prepared when the urge strikes, or when a smartphone is next pointed at you!

  1. Think about the light.

    A great photo is all about the light. No matter how good the reviews of a smartphone camera are, they still don't capture that much light, especially indoors, because the lens is small and the sensor sitting behind it is even smaller. So always look for the brightest source of light, often a window, and face towards it.

    As they say, "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you."

    (Ok, so you may not have heard of that one, but photographers say it!)

  2. Think about the angle.

    Don't take the photo from too far above or below your eye line. Contrary to popular opinion if the camera is too high, it'll diminish you in the photo. If it's too low, well, none of us need any extra chins!

    Hold the camera so that it's at eye level (or slightly lower to make you look more powerful) for the best results. Often if you hold a camera at odd angles, it can distort your lovely face - and we don't want that do we?

  3. Finally, think about you.

    Stand up straight, don't slouch. When you stretch out your arms to get the camera as far away from you as possible, often your shoulders start to drop with it, giving you bad posture in the photo.

    Stand up straight, push your jawline out and give that camera some attitude!

There you have it, short and sweet. Give it a go next time you feel the need to take a selfie and show the world who's boss!