Headshot and Shoulders Above: Corporate Portraits for RPS Group, Birmingham

Headshot and Shoulders.jpg

RPS Group, a leading global professional services firm that defines, designs and manages projects across a number of sectors, recently undertook a significant re-branding project, and this of course included photography.

As part of the refresh in image style, a new style of headshot was developed. The key goals being to show RPS people in their best light; professional and approachable. To complement this feeling the background of choice is a soft grey, which gives the overall image a gentle look.

These images are then used in RPS branded collateral in numerous ways, both online and in print.

I’ve set out below a few sample images from a recent shoot I did at their Birmingham offices. What do you think?

RPS Birmingham Headshot Photograph 1.jpg
RPS Birmingham Headshot Photograph 2.jpg
RPS Birmingham Headshot Photograph 4.jpg
RPS Birmingham Headshot Photograph 3.jpg