How headshots can build confidence

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“I’m not very photogenic.”

“I don’t take a good photo.”

“I’m not very good in front of camera.”

Does this sound like you? If it does, then read on to learn how a good headshot can change your opinion.

Let me tell you a story about photos…

The problem is, most people only ever see themselves in photos taken on smartphones, often in bad light and without any direction as to what to do - how to stand or look. It’s very much a case of fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So with these ingredients, how can you expect a great photo at the end?

In steps Anna - a young singer aspiring to attend music school to pursue her love of music. She’s a fantastic singer and great student, but as part of her application she needed to submit some headshots. Her father offered to take them for her as he had a decent camera, but wisely, she opted to get them done professionally - so she contacted me (great choice Anna!)

As she arrived at my studio, Anna, understandably so, felt a little nervous not having done anything like this before, but after a chat and some laughs she began to settle down. She didn’t feel confident in front of the camera, but in my experience very few of us are. I proceeded to gradually direct her through a number of different looks and as she began to see the images throughout the session, she trusted me more and more to get the photos she needed. This helped her to relax and enjoy the session and she really got into the flow of what we were doing.

I always work with my clients to make sure they’re having a good time. After all, if we’re both having a good time it doesn’t feel much like work for either of us and the whole session will just flow. Plus those smiles will look even better!

A switch in confidence

Just over an hour later (time flies when you’re having fun!) I had a huge array of great photos to work with. I asked her how she felt now compared with when she walked in. “Much more confident and happy with myself” was the reply (how could I not high-five that?!) - fantastic!

This is one of the benefits of a great headshot that many underestimate, the confidence boost of seeing yourself in your best light - being able to use a photo that you’re genuinely proud to share.

That’s why a headshot session is so much more than a camera and some lights. It’s about a photographer drawing out the real you. The direction and interaction that engages you and brings out those natural smiles. It’s not something to fear or dread, especially if you’re working with a professional, it’s something to have some fun with and enjoy.

A professional headshot session may just uncover a side of yourself that you haven’t seen before.

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Anna headshot 5