Corporate Portraits with Forest Rock

Forest Rock.jpg

The Project

I recently visited Forest Rock, a software development and engineering business based at Loughborough University, who needed to have some professional photography taken to enhance their profile online and in print.

How I Work

I set up my portable studio in a modestly sized meeting room, and within 30 minutes of me arriving we were away.

I took a selection of headshots and portraits of the team in front of a white backdrop, coaching them through each pose and expression to get a range of shots to choose from. I like to keep things as light as possible, so we tend to have some fun along the way too!

This was then followed by a short trip outside the office (the weather was nice so I thought why not?!) to take some more informal photos - it was a nice bonus that the leafy green surroundings mirror their branding perfectly!

The Final Photos

Now the team have a full range of professional photos to help them put their best foot forward on their website, social media, in tenders and in proposals. All in the space of two hours too (which was all the more crucial as the team needed to shoot off to a board meeting!)


About Forest Rock

Forest Rock bridge the gap between IT and engineering, providing IT-based management systems for buildings and infrastructure.

Their software solutions are used across a diverse range of applications such as Controls & Automation, Energy & Power Management, Smart Buildings, and Smart Grid. To learn more about them, visit