Behind the Scenes with IMServ: The End of Stock Photography


Easy doesn’t always mean good.

We’ve all done it. Fallen into the trap of using stock photography throughout our marketing materials. Those big, bright smiles and perfectly lit offices; it’s just so easy, isn’t it?

However, in an increasingly transparent world people want authenticity. Stock photography just isn’t good enough anymore.

After all, how can you build trust with your audience if the people they see on your website or in your company brochure are professional models, possibly photographed years ago, in a different country?

Photography can help to build trust.

Your audience will connect with your content much more easily if you use imagery which includes people (it’s just human nature to do so - we like to see faces!) So make the most of that opportunity to showcase your business or yourself to your target audience by showing them something authentic.

That’s why I always encourage my clients to show the real ‘them’, be it through headshots or PR photos or any other type of ‘people’ photography, it’s important to be genuine.

It’s incredibly difficult to build trust, but if you have it, it’s very easy to lose it. So why take that chance with the perception of your business or brand by using stock photography?

The way forward.

I recently carried out some work with one of my clients in Milton Keynes, IMServ, who wanted to pursue this exact approach.

I’ve set out below a few sample images from a shoot we did last month. All of the people you see are real IMServ employees, seen in a variety of different situations. When viewing these kind of images, you can get a feel for the people you’ll be working with at IMServ, you could even get a feel for their offices and what it might be like to visit them for a meeting. I believe this authenticity makes the images much more engaging for the viewer.

So why not try it yourself? Let’s consign stock photography to where it belongs - the past - and start showing your audience the real you.

They might just like it!


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